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Hi Folks!

I thought you would be interested in visiting the Personhood website. This should give you an idea about where we and other pro-life organizations are coming from when it comes to strategy and ending ALL abortion. Take a look:  


"It's a Matter of Life".... by Denver Sallee

Billionaire Melissa Gates co-chairs a family foundation that, under the guise of helping the poor and "bringing the Catholic Church back to its social justice roots", is a radical advocate for Planned Parenthood and any form of contraception, sterilization, and unfettered abortion. Gates states that she questions the Church's "received teachings" on artificial birth control. Humanae Vitae, the Encyclical issued by Pope Paul VI in 1968, reaffirmed the teaching from the beginning that artificial contraception is immoral. Abortion is murder and violates the Commandment, "Thou shall  not kill". Gates, a self-described  "practicing Catholic", clearly is in need of more "practice".



Lake County Right to Life Endorsements for November 2014 Elections

11th District Court of Appeals

Ron Tamburrino (R)

Justice of the Supreme Court (Term commencing 1/1/2015)

Sharon Kennedy (R)

State Board of Education

Sarah Fowler (R)

Geauga County Commissioner (Full 4 year term commencing 1/1/2015)

Walter Claypool (R)

Geauga County Commissioner (Unexpired term expiring 1/1/2017)

Blake Rear (R)

Lake County Commissioner

Kimberly Laurie (R)

Dan Troy (D)

State Representative 61st District

Ron Young (R)

Mentor City Council Ward 2

Larry DeMoss (R)


St. Cyprian’s Church will hold a Mass for Life on Thursday, October 23 at 7 pm.  You are invited to come together as one Christian family to pray for an increase in awareness in our society of the preciousness of each human life from conception to natural death.  St. Cyprian’s is located at 4223 Middle Ridge Rd. in Perry.  A musical rendition of a healing rosary will also be prayed following Mass.


Our Town and All Around books are in for $28 a piece. They are good until 12-1-15, so get yours now by calling the office for pick up. A sellers list will be forthcoming! Stay tuned!       



For those who plan on participating at Family Planning Association in Painesville, please contact Renee Freedman at 440-520-3493 or e-mail her at

To receive updates on our local Cleveland/Painesville 40 Days For Life campaigns, send an email to and ask to be added to the email list! Any stories and/or photos you may have of our Painesville vigil may be sent to this email address as well! 



As of now we will no longer be accepting yarn and fabric donations for the Blankets for Babies outreach. Truth be told, very few were coming in to use the yarn and available fabrics. They will be donated to a group of women who do most of the blankets  for babies in our area. WE WILL CONTINUE TO COLLECT BLANKETS FOR BABIES AND WILL DELIVER THEM TO AGENCIES IN NEED OF THEM! 

We are in the process of downsizing our office space in order to 1. save money and 2. streamline our activity to where it is most needed. Beginning in January of 2015, the office will be located in the same building where we are currently located but only in the space next to Mosack's statuary sales area.

Please keep posted in the event there is a need for help in getting this underway!  





National March for Life 2015 Bus Information:

March for Life, Trip to Washington, D.C.

Please join us as we participate in the March for Life in Washington D.C. on Jan 22, 2015:

Sacred Heart of Jesus Respect Life Committee is planning a bus trip with an overnight stay at the Renaissance DC Downtown Hotel, 999 9th St NW, Washington DC, 20001 (March for Life Conference & Expo will be held at this hotel) 

-Bus leaves Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, 1545 South Green Rd, South Euclid, Ohio 44121, at    6:30 a.m. on January 21st and returns on January 22nd by approximately midnight.

-Cost of bus:  $40 adult, $20 student (Paid in advance)

-Overnight at Renaissance hotel on Jan. 21st: Single - $210; Double - $105 each; Triple - $70 each; Quad - $52.50 each (credit card may be used to pay for room)

-Youth Rally & Mass on Jan. 22nd in the morning.  March for Life at 12:00 Noon on Jan. 22nd

-Leave Washington between 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. approx.

-Deadline is earlier this year!  Reservation is required by November 10th

-For reservations or more information, contact Barbara Latini: 216-382-1910 or email:

More bus info to come!!!!!