October 10, 2019

BABY SAVED (Thank you for reporting this John Kness!)

Early Tuesday morning, a woman who was in Preterm, for a short amount of time, got back in her car and was driving down the exit lane.  She  stopped the car at the sidewalk and rolled down her window when she came by Ted Just.

Ted asked for her name and said that he would pray for her,  The woman said her name is Rachel.  Ted then asked how far along the baby was and Rachel said 6 weeks.  Ted then asked her what was going to do with her baby.  She told Ted that she changed her mind and was going to keep her baby!  Ted was glad to hear.

They talked and prayed together. Ted gave her the brochure and other information. Praise God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost now and forever more!!!

Please pray for Rachel and her 6 week old Baby!           


Avon Lake Public Library Partners with  Equality Ohio

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'Drag Queens' Deserve Civil Rights Says Ohio Republican
Linda Harvey, Mission America

What in the world is Brett Hillyer, Ohio GOP representative from Tuscarawas/Holmes County, thinking? He will co-sponsor the Ohio House version of the "Equality Act," which they call the "Fairness Act," which would give special and unnecessary privileges to those identifying as homosexual or who are gender confused.
There's nothing "fair" about this atrocious bill. It will be the same as Senate Bill 11, and Mission America has talking points (see below) to oppose this bill. Hillyer and his Democrat partner in crime, Mike Skindell, are looking for other House members to co-sponsor this bill.
Why is Hillyer so compromised? Doesn't he know that this bill will silence Christians, allow government- sponsored- and- protected immorality and give parents who don't want their kids corrupted virtually no recourse?
Call his office and object (614-466-8035) and then call your own Ohio House representative and urge him/her to avoid sponsoring this discriminatory, anti-family bill. Go HERE to look up your lawmaker. 

Go HERE for talking points.

Call and email your Senator TODAY

with this message:
"Join Senator Tim Schaffer as a co-sponsor of
Senate Bill 187 to Close the Loophole 
on Child Exploitation in Ohio"

Also contact Senate President Larry Obhof and ask him to support SB 187  
(614) 466-7505  or EMAIL


St Gabriel parish at 9925 Johnnycake Ridge Rd Concord Twp., OH
is having a movie night,
Sunday October 20th and will show the movie,
Unplanned at 6:30pm in The Community Room. There is a 5pm Mass and there
will be dinner following if interested or the movie at 6:30- no cost.


Do You Know What to Say? A sidewalk training workshop. Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:30 - Noon 
at Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, 572 W. Market St. Suite 2, Akron, OH 44303. Go HERE to register.


This in from Cleveland Prays for Life:

2019 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign
September 25 - November 3


Painesville - Family Planning -  https://www.40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/painesville/
Cleveland - Preterm - https://www.40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/cleveland/
Bedford - Planned Parenthood -https://www.40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/bedford-heights/ 



Saturday, October 12, 2109, America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally, 12 noon at Hubbard and Route 20 in Madison, Ohio. Please park in Key Bank lot.

Sunday, October 13th, Rosary Coast to Coast, For more details on the Rosary Coast To Coast event on a national & global scale click HERE.  For a map of currently registered sites go HERE.  If your city or town is not represented please consider hosting an event. 

October 15, 2019 Mass of Remembrance at St. Helen's Church, 12060 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, Ohio , 7:00 p.m. for all those children who have died through miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and abortion. 

Oct. 18, 2019, Pastor's Summit, Hope in a hostile culture, 10:00am-2:00pm, Genoa Church, Westerville, OH. FMI and RSVP at www.ccv.org/Summit

October 19, 2019, RTLNEO sidewalk training workshop. See above for details.

Oct 20, 2019, St Gabriel's Movie Night, UNPLANNED at 6:30pm in The Community Room. There is a 5pm Mass and there will be dinner following if interested or the movie at 6:30- no cost.

October 25-27,2019, Private Healing Retreat for Women Suffering After Abortion, Private retreat facilitated by The Community of Jesus, The Living Mercy and Bethesda House of Mercy.
When: October 25-27
Where: Loyola Retreat House, North of Canton
For More Information: Call (800) 482-4100 or Email BethesdaHouse@aol.com

Nov. 2, 2019, Rosary for Life, Meet at St. Andrew's Benedictine Abbey 8:30 am confession, 9:15 am Mass, rosary immediately following at Preterm.

Nov. 4, 2019, InspirEd, The Christian Education Network's Annual Conference, 10:00am-2:00pm, Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, OH. RSVP at www.ccv.org/inspirEd

Friday, November 15th - Doors open @ 6:15pm, Annual Choose Life! Banquet & Fundraiser, Guest Speaker: Fr. Shenan Boquet - President, Human Life International. For more information visit:http://www.lifeworksohio.org/

November 16, 2019,  7pm "What Planned Parenthood is Really About, And Why It's Behind School Sex Education Programs",  St. Columbkille Church-School Gym, 6740 Broadview Rd., Parma, Ohio
St. Columbkille RTL group will be hosting this talk by guest speaker, Jim Sedlak, Executive Director American Life League, Founder Stopp International  Talk Show Host and Radio Maria Network.



For Marsha Sallee who is having some health issues. Please pray for complete healing.


The Ohio Department of Health released its abortion figures for 2018. These numbers are based on the confidential individual reports completed by women at the time of their abortion which are then filed with the State. These reports are compiled and prepared by the Statistical Analysis Unit of the Bureau of Vital Statistics for this annual report. This report has been prepared in Ohio since 1976.
Here are the major facts of the report:
20,425 abortions reported, down from 20,893 in 2017, roughly 2%
1,212 were out of state residents, down from 1,278 in 2017
47% of the mothers identified themselves as white
40% of the mothers identified themselves as black
10% are married
63% have other children
60% were between 20-29 years old
Statewide percentages by occurrence
37% Cuyahoga County
18% Franklin County
15% Hamilton County
14% Montgomery County*
8% Summit county
7% Lucas County
* Montgomery county recorded a new 15 year high in abortions up 22% over 2017.  
Lake County had 315 abortions, down from 339 in 2017.
Ashtabula County had 121 abortions up from 116 in 2017.
Geauga County had 75 abortions down from 78 in 2017.

We have a lot of prayer, fasting and work ahead of us. Please join the 40 Days for Life Campaign this Fall and be part of the solution!

Go HERE to view the entire report.