July 23, 2021


The number of deaths due to the Covid vaccines is astounding and is being kept from the public. This breaks my heart since there are a number of my family relatives and friends who have taken the vaccine and I am concerned for them. Please take the time to read the attached article and watch the video. God bless the Ohio attorney who has the courage to file a lawsuit against the HHS.


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People who have received the Pfizer vaccine have as much as 5-6 times lower amount of neutralizing antibodies in their system. This is alarming and a damning statement for the Pfizer vaccine. However, this is being spun to justify future booster shots. When will this stop?

Dr. David Bauer reports
Dr.David Bauer 's research credentials

Petition To Overturn Roe v. Wade, Defeat Abortion, and Save Unborn Babies
A significant case before the Supreme Court could be the beginning of the end for abortion. The Mississippi case could strike at the heart of Roe v. Wade and save countless preborn babies' lives.
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Mississippi responded to other states passing some of the most horrific pro-abortion laws ever – even practically legalizing infanticide – by enacting a pro-life law banning abortions after 15 weeks. The radical Left and the abortion industry frantically filed lawsuits, and the federal courts quickly struck down this vital pro-life law.
It's a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand. It could deliver a devastating defeat to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. And it could directly save countless babies' lives.
Now our deadline to file a critical at the Supreme Court to defeat abortion and defend unborn babies is looming. And we're battling the nearly limitless, taxpayer-funded abortion industry at the Supreme Court. We need you.
Without a doubt, this is the most significant abortion case in decades, and we need an enormous number of signatures on this petition on our brief as we file this amicus brief at the Supreme Court.
Sign the Petition: Strike a critical blow at Roe.


Follow up on injured woman at Preterm last Friday:

Woman Hospitalized after “Extreme” Episode of Vomiting Blood at Preterm Abortion Facility
Cleveland, OH — For the twentieth time in the past ten years, a woman was transported to a hospital emergency room from the Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio.
The most recent abortion-related medical emergency took place on Friday, July 16, 2021, when an ambulance was called to Preterm for a 24-year-old woman who was suffering from “extreme hyperemesis,” a condition where pregnant women vomit to the point of weight loss and/or dehydration, according to 911 records obtained by Operation Rescue.
“The Preterm caller was acting strangely, as if she was reading from a script when she was describing the initial condition of the woman and using terms to disguise the nature of her emergency,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Given that suspicious behavior, it is likely that her condition was related to the abortion, rather than the pregnancy.”
Continue reading and watch the video featuring the actual 911 call!

“It’s A Matter Of Life” by Denver Sallee

 An uncomfortable truth — daily on the Internet, in news broadcasts, or newspapers we hear of acts of barbarism inflicted upon innocent victims targeted by terrorists. So frequent and so heinous are these evil events that our minds can hardly process the fact that they are actually occurring. We can diminish reality somewhat by telling ourselves that they are taking place somewhere far away. Not in our cities.  Not in our state. Not in our nation. Yet the same horror is commonplace in our midst—-in our cities, our states, in our nation where since 1973 we have turned our collective backs as innocent preborn babies  numbering in the tens of millions are routinely executed by decapitation, dismemberment, and chemical scalding. The death tolls from Isis, MS 13, and all other terror organizations pale by comparison to numbers killed by abortion in America. God forgive our apathy and have mercy upon us.



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August 7, 2021, Rosary for Life. Meet at St. Andrew's Benedictine Abby 8:30 am Confession, 9:15 am Mass. Rosary immediately following at Preterm. 

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For the repose of our beloved LCRTL volunteer, Theresa Davison and for her family.