November 12, 2021 

You can commemorate a pro-life warrior who has passed away on the Lake County Right to Life website? If you have a submission, please email it to with an optional picture of the person. Thank you!
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Dr. David Martin - Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid

               Truly a worthwhile video to watch. We have been mislead and this compelling video names those behind the Covid crisis. Watch HERE.




Abortion rates in Texas have declined by 49.8% since Texas Senate Bill 8, or the "Heartbeat Bill" was implemented on September 1, according to a new study by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project.


SB 8 bans abortion upon the detection of embryonic cardiac activity, which can occur as early as the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. A recent survey conducted by the University of Houston and Texas Southern University researchers found that 55% of Texans support the law. Click here to read more.



Kathy Barnette, a Republican running for the open U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania, is an Army veteran, a wife and a devoted mother who homeschools her two children. She is also a woman of faith and has an amazing and inspiring story to tell: she was conceived in rape. Her mother Mamie Jo was only eleven years old when she became pregnant as the result of a sexual assault. Mamie Jo chose life for her child.


In an opinion piece published earlier this year, Kathy writes that her life has value, regardless of the circumstances surrounding her conception. "If my story is able to give a voice, a face and a potential future to an unborn child who had nothing to do with his or her genesis, then sharing my story is worth it."


Read more about why she is running for U.S. Senate here.


An Evasive Caller, a Defective Elevator, and a Crashed Ambulance Delayed Help for Woman with Botched 2nd Trimester Abortion at Troubled Cleveland Facility


Another gruesome incident at Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio



On October 15, 2021, paramedics were once again called to Preterm, a Cleveland abortion facility, this time for a 20-year-old woman who was injured during a second trimester abortion. The person who called 911 was reluctant to provide details, but it was eventually revealed that the injured woman may have torn a hole in her uterus during the procedure.


A series of mishaps--including a broken elevator and the ambulance striking a concrete post that disabled it--delayed the woman's treatment for a staggering 38 minutes. Our friends at Operation Rescue provided this report:


LGBT influence in conservative and GOP circles is growing. Here’s why that’s deeply problematic.

Read article HERE.


Ashtabula County Friends for Life will hold our annual Fall dinner meeting Nov. 18th at 5:30 PM at Kardohely's Restaurant, 1730 West Prospect, in Ashtabula.  We will meet in the back room and order off the menu.  Guest speaker will be Jacqui Fetsko from Lake County Right to Life.  Please RSVP. Call Crystal Latimer at 440-466-7441.


“It’s A Matter Of Life…”by Denver Sallee

It is an historical fact that those who spoke out against the Nazis and their crimes against humanity ended up in the concentration camps, just like the Jewish people did, but, they spoke up anyway. If asked, what did you do to stop the government sponsored slaughter of the over 62.5 million babies in the United States since 1973? Or to stop the government sponsored euthanizing of the elderly and infirm, the poor and unwanted through government sponsored “healthcare”? Or to remove corrupt politicians, who accept millions of dollars in campaign funds thereby buying their political support for Planned Parenthood? What will your excuse be? I was afraid?  I did not know? Those excuses will not stand up before God or before man. This generation will be held accountable for its apathy and what it fails to do to stop these crimes against all of mankind.




for the

Faith, Family, Freedom Summit



November 20, 2021


Noon to 7:00 p.m.





7000 Kalahari Drive, Route 250

Sandusky, Ohio



Hear Amazing Speakers

John Di Lemme

John C. Adams

Paul Sigsworth

Walter S. Moss*

Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, DO



questions? 419-271-2358

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*Pastor Walter S. Moss is President of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. A Member Group of Right

to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO).        


Prayerful Protests

Every Saturday and Tuesday

Join Groups to Pray at the Abortion Mills:


@ Preterm on Shaker Blvd:

  • Saturdays @ 9:30am

  • Tuesdays @ Noon


@ Planned Parenthood on Center Ridge Rd, Rocky River

  • Saturdays @ 10:00am

  • Tuesdays @ 6:30pm


@ Northeast Ohio Women's Center, Cuyahoga Falls

  • Saturdays in the morning


@ Planned Parenthood at the shopping center at the intersection of Brookpark and Broadview Roads in Parma

  • Saturdays at 10:30am



For the repose of Joseph Fakult's soul and his family.