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Some Action Alerts:

Sign This Protest to STOP "Catholic" Abortion Referrals at Peace Health: Stop Catholic Abortion Referrals


Sign this petition to ask McDonald's to stop paying for  jokes about child sex abuse: McDonald's.



This is in from Operation Rescue. A very important read! Ohio Department of Health and Botched Abortions



Don't miss this!






"It's A Matter of Life" by Denver Sallee


A total of 1,448,566 soldiers fighting for freedom died in all of the wars of American history from 1861 to the present. If each were buried in
a cemetery with the capacity of Arlington National Cemetery, four such cemeteries would exist. If each child killed by abortion since 1973 were buried in a place with the same capacity (400,000), we would need 143 Arlington sized cemeteries. However, there are no national cemeteries for these other Americans who have given their lives for freedom's sake -the 57 million babies that were sacrificed so that their mothers could be "free" to live the life of their "choice."





All proceeds to benefit Bella!
Saturday- August 29th -9:00 AM
Run (or walk) for Life!
To register visit-  Warren Fit 5K Run/Walk for Bella or Warren 5K Facebook Page