Sept 17, 2021     

How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide
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40 Days for Life What to Say When
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Ohio legislature considers Emery and Elliot's law this week.


As many of you may remember, in 2018 we shared a horrific story and video with you about a young mother whose premature twins were left to die in Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus. This week, that mother testified on Senate Bill 151, named in memory of her lost twins. This legislation will, among other things, require hospitals to inform patients of the health of their pre-born, premature children and the hospital's ability to care for the child. After receiving this information, the parents can then request and receive the transfer of their children to a hospital capable of life-sustaining treatment of their children.


Also testifying was Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo. Read his and other testimonies here.


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The hospital refused to treat my twin babies. Nurses forced me to watch them die - LifeSite ( 



Monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 tested on fetal cells, risk ‘serious side effects’


An increasingly popular COVID treatment among Americans who reject the experimental, abortion-tainted coronavirus vaccines has its own links to abortion and “serious” adverse reactions.


REGEN-COV is ethically compromised in similar ways as available COVID-19 vaccines.


REGEN-COV, a top monoclonal antibody treatment made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, poses risks of “serious and unexpected side effects,” according to fact sheets for the drug, and was tested on cells from the same fetal cell line used by COVID-19 vaccine makers.


Demand for Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies has surged across the United States in recent weeks, as COVID-19 vaccines increasingly fail to prevent transmission, hospitalizations, and deaths.


REGEN-COV may expose patients to unknown, potentially life-threatening complications also. Details on these side effects can be found in the article attached below.




40 Days For Life

From September 22 – October 31, you are invited to join with other Christians for 40 Days for Life – 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion. You are also invited to stand and peacefully pray anytime between 7 am to 7 pm during the 40-day vigil in the public right-of-way outside Preterm - 12000 Shaker Blvd, Cleveland, 44120 or Planned Parenthood - 25350 Rockside Rd, Bedford Hts, 44146, or Family Planning – 462 Chardon St, Painesville, 44077.

Join us at the Kickoff Rally at St. John Vianney on Monday, September 20 at 7pm. For more information contact John Noall at or 216-245-9744.

Painesville - Family Planning -


Cleveland - Preterm -


Bedford Heights - Planned Parenthood -



Please join us in a memorial and burial service for the aborted baby found in the trash in June at the

Cuyahoga Falls abortion clinic.


Every day, more than 3,000 children are killed through abortion and their bodies discarded as medical waste.  it's time to honor their lives and give them the dignity that the tragedy of abortion denied them. On Saturday, September 25, 2021*, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio will sponsor an interfaith memorial service on the annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, calling on pro-life Americans to honor the gravesites and memorials of our aborted brothers and sisters. This year, our primary focus will be a memorial service and burial for the aborted child found in the trash this past summer at the Northeast Ohio Women's Center abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls.


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“It’s A Matter Of Life…”by Denver Sallee

In the last couple of years we have seen the gates of Hell spew out a volcanic eruption of anti-life attacks. Babies in the womb, and outside the womb, are being killed at an alarming rate. The infirm and the elderly are in danger of being euthanized. We have seen anti-life protesters across the nation seemingly possessed by evil spirits as they cheer abortion and scream out against the recent heartbeat bill signed into law in Texas.   The editorial board of a Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) student newspaper slammed the decision to recognize the campus pro-life group, which the paper called “a danger to the student body.” Our Lord said in the final days good would be bad and bad would be good. We don’t know if this is the time that our Lord spoke of or not. All we know is that the times are very dark. Our Judeo-Christian faith is under attack on a daily basis. Through all of this onslaught, however, we can find comfort if we but remember, God has promised to destroy all evil one day and restore the heavens and the earth to their proper state. He promised to be with His Church until the end of time. Trust in the Lord. Keep calm. Keep the faith.
He is still on His throne.



For the end to the propaganda regarding Covid 19, the vaccine and an end to the violation of our constitutional freedoms.