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 How our words shape the debate

You should say:
etal disability You should not say: fetal deformity. Why: Disability brings to mind, "I want to help." Deformity calls forth revulsion, turn away, "I don't want to look." (Life Issues Connector, Feb. 2014)

"It's a Matter of Life" Denver Sallee

8.9.2014 The announcement  by Melinda Gates of the invention of a microchip that will release into a woman's body an abortion causing chemical for a period of 16 years. This development is rife with sinister possibilities. This new device can be used by pimps and those involved in sex trafficking to ensure that their “girls” don’t have a baby implant in their womb. Unscrupulous reproductive health clinics can implant these chips in a young girl’s body to combat teenage pregnancy. Others, who have been pushing the concept of eugenics to “improve” the human race, will now have a way to literally control who does and does not have children. 

Watch Episode 3 of Live Action's undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood. Caution, viewer discretion advised. Planned Parenthood Exposed

This in from CCV


CCV has always believed in shopping in accordance with your values. As as a result, we try to notify you about companies that are not good stewards of your resources.


You will see an example below of a company pushing a radical social agenda through the sale of their hamburgers.


For a comprehensive list of which companies are worthy of your hard-earned dollars and which might not align with your values, we are excited to remind you about Conservative shopper app.

2nd Vote is a new smart phone app (and website) that allows you to "keep your spending aligned with your conservative values." 2nd Vote gives popular companies a "Scorecard" that rates them on five different issues, including the issues of Life and Marriage. A low score (1 is the lowest) means that the company funds organizations opposed to our values. A high score (5 is the highest) means that the company's practices, spending, and funding has been in line with conservative values.

In an article by Red Alert Politics, 2nd Vote Executive Director Chris Walker explained the idea behind the App: "The idea is very simple. Your first vote is at the ballot box, but you have a second vote every day with your wallet and you spend it every day...Our second vote is being used for issues that we would never support on our own... It's time to start spending your second vote the same way you would treat your first vote: with education, information and backing those very ideals you vote for on Election Day."

You can search for a specific company, search by shopping category, or you can search specific issues such as life and marriage. Go to  or search on your smartphone to download the app.

Burger King introduces gay pride Whoppers

July 15, 2014


Burger King recently promoted the "gay pride" message with a rainbow Whopper wrapper at one of its stores. Unless there is some pushback from consumers, there is a real possibility that they could expand this promotion.

During this year's annual gay pride event in San Francisco, the Burger King location along the parade route sold a "Proud Whopper" with fanfare promotion by the corporate office.

It was the same Whopper as always, but in a rainbow-colored wrapper.

Fernando Machado, Burger King's Senior Vice President of Global Brand Management defended the company's promotion, telling USA Today that the "Proud Whopper...showcases who we are as a brand," adding, "It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression."

Transexuals and cross-dressers are the main attraction at San Francisco's annual gay pride parades.
Why you should care
Unless Burger Kings sees a backlash for promoting cross-dressing and homosexual conduct as normal behavior, it will expand the promotion to other cities and additional stores next year.


We have prepared an email that you can send directly to Burger King executives.

In addition, a copy of your email will be sent to the Burger King Franchise Association, reinforcing your message that promoting and encouraging abhorrent behavior will drive families away. Go here to send your email: Burger King.

You are invited to a private showing of
America:  Imagine the World Without Her

Fundraiser for Kim Laurie

Thursday, July 24

Atlas Cinemas
7860 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060

Minimum donation:  $15 per person
**When you arrive, just tell them you are with the fundraiser and they will direct you to our registration table to pay.**

Space is limited, reserve your seats by clicking here.

Watch trailer.

This just out today by the organization And Then There Were None: Planned Parenthood is about ABORTION