April 8, 2021



40 Days for Life 365

Although the 2021 spring campaign is completed, the 40 Days for Life 365 initiative continues throughout the year at Preterm in CLEVELAND.


There is a vigil calendar set up for your use on the days of the week that surgical abortions are performed at PRETERM - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Please discern if the Lord is calling you to pray weekly at Preterm. We are covering the hours between 8 am and 5 pm on the four days that surgical abortions are performed. We began this initiative in January and we are successful in covering most of the hours per week but need your help to cover ALL OF THE HOURS! Sign up today in the CLEVELAND vigil calendar during an hour when no one is praying. The Sidewalk Advocates for Life are working with us to provide the counseling as we supply the prayer support. Thank you!

Thank you to all who participated in the Pro-Life Way of the Cross on Good Friday! Immediately following that event, a 27 year old mom chose life and reached out to one of the side walk witnesses. See the story below from John Noall!

As I work on this email today, Good Friday, I have just returned from Preterm after participating in the Way of the Cross sponsored by Lake County Right to Life. I am humbled and pleased to report to you that soon after the 50 supporters gathered at Preterm had finished the prayers a 27 year old mother left Preterm, after deciding to keep her baby, and reached out to Mike for help. The escorts were harassing the mother to leave the parking lot. Mike asked her to pull around and park on Shaker Blvd. Andy and I spoke with her some time as we counseled the mother on how we can help her, her boyfriend, and their baby. Her due date is mid-September and it's about time to plan and hold another baby shower! We will keep you posted on her needs. I am also so happy for some of our long time supporters that were still there that have never experienced a baby save! There was great joy and prayers of thanksgiving expressed for this wonderful moment when the Almighty God who died for our sins allowed us to share in His great mercy and kindness together.


Pro-Life Warrior Falls Asleep in the Lord

Julie Sbrocco long time faithful ProLife leader passed away suddenly on Good Friday morning. 


She had been consistently active in the pro-life movement since 1974 until the present being the pro-life coordinator for St Williams in Euclid and Immaculate Conception in Willoughby for many years. 


The funeral is this Friday, April 9, at Immaculate Conception in Willoughby at 10 am. The wake will be today at the McMahon-Coyne- Vitantonio Funeral Home, 38001 Euclid Ave. across from the church at 3 to 8 pm.





First Friday Call-In



Sarah Quale

Sarah is the Founder & Presidentof Educe® online learning

Learning that illuminates Life!


Sarah will speak on their Pro-Life Curriculum

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April 9th

Noon to 12:30 pm




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to our Secretary at gschelleng@yahoo.com

by 7:00 am on Friday, April 9


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Lake County Right to Life in partnership with the Black Pro-Life Coalition will be hosting a memorial event for Tia Parks and Lakisha Wilson on Saturday, June 5th, 1pm at Preterm. Please mark your calendars now.
We will never forget that both of these women died due to Preterm's negligence.

                   Tia Parks


Lakisha Wilson



“It’s A Matter Of Life...” by Denver Sallee

Using "verbal engineering" to mask reality, euthanasia proponents capture our attention and hide their true intent when they speak of "death with dignity" and a "right to die." Everyone believes in death with dignity. This movement is not really about the right to die. The truth is they are talking about a right to kill. Across the world, advocates of euthanasia are asking their governments and courts to step aside and allow "mercy killings." When the basic human right to life is denied to those whose continued existence is judged to be an inconvenience, the lives of the poor, vulnerable, weak and aged are at an increased risk. How we treat the elderly, the disabled and the unborn is not a measure of their humanity but of our own.


An Education in Viruses and Public Health, from Michael Yeadon,
Former VP of Pfizer

Please watch HERE.



Rosary for Life is every Saturday at Preterm, 9:30 am.

June 5, 2021, 1pm, Memorial Event for Lakisha Wilson and Tia Parks at Preterm.


For greater resolve and initiative to end abortion, not just regulate it.
For an awakening of souls to the dignity of the human person at all stages.