January 14, 2021

Lake County Right to Life and Cleveland Prays for Life cordially invite you to attend their joint presentation of


LCRTL’S Annual Winter Life Event and Cleveland Prays for Life 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign Kick-off Rally


The event will take place Sunday February 14, 2021 at

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

29850 Euclid Ave., Wickliffe, Ohio.

The event begins with a silent street witness for life at 2pm.

Signs and refreshments will be provided.


Guest Speaker Sarah Quale from Personhood Alliance will give a presentation on Human Sex Trafficking and its Link to Abortion

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Sarah Quale is the president of Personhood Alliance Education, the educational arm of the Personhood Alliance, founder of Educe® online learning, and author of the Foundations online pro-life curriculum. She is an award-winning curriculum and instructional designer, and for the past 20 years, has developed product and sales training for Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries. In academia, she created assessment policies, curricula, and online coursework at the Master's and PhD levels, focusing on business, education, and psychology disciplines. Sarah and her husband Seth reside in the Minneapolis, MN, area, where they homeschool their four children and two Labrador Retrievers.


In case you missed it....    

The unborn babies used for vaccine development
were alive at tissue extraction

This is horrifying! Emergency C-sections to get the baby, then extraction of kidney cells while the baby is still living.
No anethesia for the baby.

We need to wake up! Please take the time to read the article and watch the interview of Pamela Acker below. 

vaccine tissue extraction.jpg

Go HERE to read the article and watch the interview.



Did Nationwide Children's Hospital Break Ohio Law with Obscene Sex Ed in Columbus Schools?

Linda Harvey
January 12, 2021

(Warning: Graphic Content)

Middle schoolers in Columbus (OH) City Schools are being subjected to abortion-advocating, hook-up-oriented sex education, thanks to a federal grant secured by Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

That same hospital operates a very profitable “gender clinic” for minors to push them toward medical mutilation in the vain hope of becoming the opposite sex.
Promoting “gender change” is a big part of the chosen curriculum—“Get Real,” a Planned Parenthood-developed comprehensive sex education tool that is not abstinence-focused, but just the opposite.

And that is a violation Ohio’s existing abstinence-until-marriage sex education law.
The $2.5 million grant, announced in September, is funding three years of alleged “teen pregnancy prevention” for 7th and 8th graders through the U.S. Department of HHS in twelve Columbus area middle schools. And the Columbus superintendent emphasized that such a program is especially important for “black girls” right now because of “health disparities.” So, wait—it’s now going to be more important for minority adolescent girls to be corrupted early, to be encouraged to begin sexual activity, to block parental knowledge and possibly have an abortion? That seems like the opposite of sound health, but actually would make eugenicist and hard-core racist Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, proud. And in Columbus schools, this is just one tool of life-destroying intervention in the lives of 12-year-olds. There are already school-based health clinics throughout the district, enabling contraception and referrals for abortion. This program plans to add another one.

In other words, these are school health centers that students can access during the school day to bypass parental oversight. Ohio has a law (Ohio Revised Code 3313.6011) that school sex education shall emphasize abstinence until marriage as the “expected standard.” Even a cursory look at “Get Real,” as well as learning its close ties with Planned Parenthood, reveals that abstinence will not be the principal takeaway from its lessons.

The Protect Child Health Coalition has done a complete analysis of “Get Real.” For instance, in 7th grade in “Get Real,” the teacher’s manual encourages a class discussion of sexual terms and welcomes student questions in an open forum, a common but exploitative way to destroy innocence and normalize sex practices of all types. Seventh graders will also be taught that there is no right age to have sex, that the only requirement is “consent,” and that people of apparently any age have a right to decide their own sexual boundaries. And there are detailed explanations of oral and anal sex. Teachers are instructed to explain that, “Oral intercourse is mouth-to-vulva or mouth-to penis sex” and that “Anal intercourse is penis-to-anus sex.”

There can be no question this curriculum fails to emphasize abstinence, but just the opposite. What it does emphasize is approved initiation of high-risk, deviant sexual conduct and the sudden termination of childhood dreams and ideals.
A lot of time in “Get Real” is spent selling acceptance of homosexuality and gender confusion. The manual instructs teachers to “discuss LGBTQ issues respectfully” and implies inaccurately that homosexuality is inborn: “Homosexuality exists in almost every species. Fact. Scientists have found that homosexuality is as much a part of nature as heterosexuality. They have observed homosexual relationships among many kinds of animals.” Animals also kill for sport. Are we humans to take that as a cue for worthy human behavior?

One homosexually-identifying boy gives a “testimony” where he hopes for the acceptance of “children who are gay.” The lessons also dwell on sexual “pleasure” and give big applause to masturbation, both solo and mutual. And students will receive detailed condom “skills” with the impression that condoms are more effective than they really are.
Yes, abstinence is mentioned, because students must apparently be given a new concept of abstinence, that it’s “up to each person” (at age 12 and 13) to define what they believe is “abstinence,” including any act short of vaginal intercourse. And that may qualify if “protection” is used and one is successful in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. The clear implication is left that abortion can also be the solution at times as well. A Planned Parenthood affiliate developed the curriculum, so of course abortion will not be criticized in “Get Real.”

Gender “change” is pushed as totally normal. Yet surveys have indicated that most voters oppose this medically-unnecessary child disfigurement and an Ohio bill was introduced in November to prevent such abusive gender treatments of minor children.
“Get Real” also presents elements that are sure to divide children and parents by asking adolescents to reflect on the “pros and cons” of what parents and other influences have taught them.

The mother lode of harmful material is what kids learn at the end. They are urged to consult a variety of anti-family, pro-abortion resources like, of course, Planned Parenthood. Should any minor children be taught to trust Planned Parenthood, with clinics that would have gladly put them to death in utero had their mothers dropped in? Seventh graders are also referred to the anti-child Human Rights Campaign, the leading homosexual/ “transgender” group in the nation, whose platform and activities viciously oppose faithful Christian values.

And among the other anti-child “experts” middle schoolers ought to consult, according to “Get Real,” are SIECUS and Advocates for Youth, which have been promoting obscene, child-endangering sex ed for decades, and the porn-laden book It’s Perfectly Normal, marketed by many comprehensive sex ed supporters to children. It features sketches of children masturbating, males with full erections, homosexual men in bed together, and adult couples engaging in intercourse.

So if you would like to express your opinion to the Columbus City Schools superintendent , Dr. Talisa Dixon, her phone number is 614- 365-5000.



Come and learn how to put your beliefs into action and to be better prepared to deal with those who are abortion-minded.  If you haven't already registered, admittance to this class is by reservation only, and there are still  seats available. 


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February 20, 2021   

9:30 - 12:30   


Our office classroom
572 W. Market St. Suite 2
Akron, OH 44303


Bill and Clare O'Brien Pro-Life Dinner
Saturday February 6, 2021
St. Helen's Catholic Church 
12060 Kinsman Rd., Newbury, OH
Guest Speaker; Sr. Deidre Byrne (guest speaker for the RNC)
$15.00/ticket or good will offering requested.
For tickets call Mike Kalal at 440-552-4276




March 12 - 13, 2021


Save the Date


Yes, you heard that correctly. We are full-steam ahead with our 2021 Bringing America Back to Life Convention. With only a few slight modifications, we will have the same quality of local, national, and international pro-life/pro-family experts that you have come to expect...


Read More Here >


Charlie Kirk to Headline the 2021 Convention


Charlie Kirk is building the future of American conservatism! This young, dynamic man is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets and limited government. This generation’s hope lies with men like Charlie...


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Special Screening of New Roe v. Wade Movie


Come to this year's 2021 BABL Convention to screen the all-new Roe v. Wade Movie. You will not want to miss this pro-life blockbuster starring Jon Voight, Stacey Dash, Corbin Bensen, Joey Lawrence, and more...


Find Out More at RoevWade.com >


Listen to Producers Nick Loeb & Cathy Allyn's BABL 2019 Presentation >


The Knights of Columbus Geneva-Madison Council is planning a March for Life from 12-2 PM on Saturday, January 23rd, and requests the participation of our parishoners.  The march will commence at Assumption Church on Route 20 (W. Main St.) and Lockwood Street in Geneva.  Weather permitting, marchers will assemble at Noon in the rear parking lot and proceed 1/2 mile to the Rotary Pavilion next to the Geneva Community Center on Rt. 20 (near the main intersection with Rt. 534). For those unable to march there is public parking behind the pavilion. We will stand on Rt. 20 for a period of time, weather depending, then march back to the church to hear a speaker and enjoy coffee and hot chocolate. In case of inclement weather, initial and return assembly will be held in the church.  Social distancing protocols will be maintained at all times. Bringing pro-life signs and banners to witness our stand for the unborn is highly encouraged.  (The Knights will have some for distribution to those who need them.) 
Please contact the Council Life Programs Director, Ed Kurzanski  (Cue_5286@twc.com) with any questions.


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Our Town and All-Around Book Sellers


Lake County Right to Life


Mosack’s Christian Book Store



St. Justin Martyr



Rich Smith



Chris Reed

Concord Twp./Mentor


Deb Malovrh

Willoughby Hills/Wickliffe


Jeff Hollis




Thank you to these sellers! Please call now and get a book!

Deadline for purchase is February 15, 2021.


“It’s A Matter of Life...”by Denver Sallee

Civilized societies restrict individual freedoms when that "choice" would harm an innocent person. Does a man have the freedom to rape a woman if that is his choice? After all, it is his body, why do we have a right to tell him what to do with it? Why do we have a right to impose our morals on him? By emphasizing a rapist’s right to choose, we clearly are completely ignoring the rights of the woman. The pro-choice position always overlooks the victim’s right to choose. Women don’t choose rape. African Americans didn’t choose slavery. The Jews didn’t choose gas chambers.
And babies don’t choose to be aborted.



Rosary for Life 9:30am every Saturday at Preterm.

January 23, 2021, Roe v Wade Memorial, 10am, Preterm, 12000 Shaker Blvd.

January 23, 2021, 
Geneva March for Life , 12-2pm, meet at Assumption Church, RT 20. See details above.

February 6, 2021, Bill and Clare O'Brien pro-life dinner. See above for details. 

February 14, 2021, LCRTL Annual Winter Life Event/40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally. See above for details. 

February 20, 2021, RTLNEO Sidewalk counseling workshop. See details above.

March 12-13, 2021, Bringing America Back to Life.



For the strength, courage and grace to carry out God's will in the particular spheres of influence He has placed us.
Prayers for John Noall's complete healing.
For John Kness's sister who has pneumonia.