Please join with us standing against the atrocities performed at Planned Parenthood. We will be gathering at 10:00AM-12:00PM at the Bedford Heights PP location: 25350 Rockside Rd Bedford Heights. This will serve as the mid-point rally for Cleveland's 40 Days for Life Campaign. Over 500 people attended the first protest in August. Let's get a thousand folks this time around!



Vote "No" on Issue 3
Ohio Right to Life Argues Issue 3 Endangers Born and Unborn Babies

Ohio Right to Life Society announced its strong opposition to statewide ballot Issue 3, the marijuana-monopoly-legalization amendment on the November 3 ballot. Studies show that smoking marijuana during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, premature births, developmental delays, behavioral and learning problems and in some cases fetal death.  
Issue 3 would allow unfettered access to marijuana without any restrictions during pregnancy. Current science is in opposition to pregnant women ingesting any recreational drugs and smoking any substance. Consumption of illegal drugs is not safe for the unborn baby or for the mother. As Ohio continues to address its infant mortality crisis, the Ohio Right to Life Society believes that it is critical for all Ohioans to take a stand against the mass legalization of a drug that poses serious health risks to unborn children.

"The health and safety of our children both born and unborn compels our organization to take a firm position against Issue 3," said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life. "Ohio's babies already face numerous threats to their right to life without a statewide marijuana industry compounding those threats. Further, Ohio Right to Life believes any marijuana made available for the purpose of adult recreational use leads to youth access and is not in the best interest of the health and well being of Ohio’s children." 

The Ohio Right to Life Society joins multiple organizations in opposing Issue 3: Ohio Children's Hospital Association, Ohio State Medical Association, Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Nurses Association, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Ohio Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics, Catholic Conference of Ohio, and more.

"Just as we have always done, Ohio Right to Life continues to seek ways to protect human beings across the whole spectrum of life," said Gonidakis. "A whole host of medical associations are opposing the broad legalization of recreational marijuana for a reason: Marijuana simply isn't risk free. It poses serious consequences for innocent human beings who are completely vulnerable to harmful choices. The Ohio Right to Life Society urges Ohio voters to consider these babies' innocence and their complete vulnerability and vote 'no' on Issue 3 this fall."


Here are upcoming events dealing with Issue 3:

Issue 3 Forum – October 13, West Woods Nature Center, 6:30 pm

What is issue 3 and why should you care?  It is about marijuana, monopolies, and the future of Ohio.   It is about the heart and soul of Ohio, it is about morality, but more importantly is about our kids and their future.  Issue 3 will be on the ballot in November and it legalizes Marijuana and it creates a monopoly in doing so.

Do you think Marijuana is a harmless drug?  Do you think Ohio monopolies are OK?   Is it right that NO community can opt out?   In this forum a group of professionals will discuss the real world impacts of marijuana and other drugs in our communities.   Come and find out the facts. 

The Lake County Liberty Coalition (LCLC) announces its meeting on Thursday, October 15th, at 7:00 PM, in the Fellowship Hall of the Faith Lutheran Church, located at 8125 Mentor Avenue in Mentor. Chris Long, President of the Ohio Christian Alliance, will be giving a presentation on Ballot Issues and Religious Liberty. Everyone is welcome.  He will be addressing especially Ohio Issues 2 and 3.  Nancy Milanich gave an overview of these at the last meeting.  Chris will be addressing them in more detail.  He will also be speaking about the continuing loss of our religious liberty.




California Governor Legalizes Assisted Suicide
The fight to preserve human dignity took another blow as California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill legalizing assisted suicide. "In the end," Governor Brown states, "I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death." He determined that in such a case he would want to be free to escape his suffering. However, as Wesley Smith of the National Review points out in his pointed commentary on this event (full article), this decision will result in many deaths that didn't need to happen. "Families will feel pressured to sanction their loved ones' suicides," Smith points out.

"It is imperative that the Pro-life movement engage in this battle right now and insist that Ohio puts laws in place that protect the elderly and infirm. CRTL will be working with other pro-life organizations to put these protections in place," says Molly Smith of Cleveland Right to Life.

This new law reflects a sobering fact: many Americans no longer value human life for its own sake. Instead, we primarily value only those lives that are strong, healthy, and pain-free. Wesley Smith notes that, tragically, "more than 10 percent of the country now live in states with legal assisted suicide." We must take whatever steps are necessary to fight destructive laws like this one, laws which prey on the most vulnerable--in this case, the elderly and the weak. Their lives are as valuable as the lives of the young, the powerful, and the strong. Instead of granting rights to the suffering, this mindset pressures the suffering to surrender their right to be cherished, cared for, and affirmed as intrinsically valuable human beings even in the midst of pain and illness, and to treasure the precious gift of each day until their lives come to a natural end.



"It's A Matter of Life..." by Denver Sallee

Christians believe that intentionally causing the death of an innocent human person is murder and in violation of God's Commandment.  In 1994 Oregon approved a "Death With Dignity Act" making euthanasia legal. Christians believe that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.  When a Christian couple who own a bakery  declined to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding because they believed doing so made them complicit in an act that violates the tenets of their faith,  an Oregon court levied a huge fine that will destroy their business. This week in Oregon 10 people were summarily executed with a gunshot to the head when they identified themselves as Christians. When Christian beliefs are no longer tolerated, it is only a brief time until Christians are no longer tolerated.



Press Release from Matt Lynch

Dave Joyce Votes with Democrats to pay

Planned Parenthood Million$

Matt Lynch Expresses Disappointment with Vote

Geauga County - Congressional candidate Matt Lynch expressed disappointment upon learning that Congressman Dave Joyce voted yesterday with the Democrats to fully fund Planned Parenthood.  “Most Republicans, indeed most people, understand that there is no reason to give taxpayer dollars to the  largest abortion provider in the country”,  Lynch continued,  “Given the recent videos showing Planned Parenthood negotiating the sale of aborted baby organs, it is obvious that at the very least government funding of Planned Parenthood should be halted”.

Conservative Republicans led by Jim Jordon proposed to redirect the funds to other health care providers, but their proposal was rejected. Instead all of the Democrats and a minority of Republicans, including Dave Joyce, voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood. Lynch criticized Congressman Joyce saying, “Here is a man who was endorsed just two years ago by National Right To Life and yet yesterday he would not vote to protect the unborn”. Ohio Right To Life and every pro-life organization in the state opposed the continued funding of Planned Parenthood. 

Lynch remarked that, “As sad as this vote may be it is not surprising, since Dave Joyce is one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress, every Conservative group in the country gives him an “F”…he continued, “The phony Republicans that campaign as Conservatives but vote like Liberal Democrats are destroying the Republican Party”. Lynch charged that “Congressman Joyce pretends he opposes Obama by taking “show votes” to give the appearance of fighting against abortion, but then votes to give  Planned Parenthood millions of Dollars?!”

Lynch pointed out that there were other problems with the Budget Bill, “Conservatives in Congress also wanted to stop Obama’s disastrous Iran deal and defund Obama’s illegal amnesty program but instead Dave Joyce voted with the Democrats to give Obama everything he wants.”



As of this past Monday, 139 babies have been saved during this 40 Days for Life Campaign!