The next two to three weeks are critical legislative periods.  We must demand key conscience protections be included in the law Congress must pass by December 11 to fund government programs for the 2016 Fiscal Year.

We need to urge Congress again to protect conscience rights.

Click HERE now to send a prepared e-mail to your legislators through our friends at the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment. Then share this call to action through email and social media.

 Here's why this is so important:

What if you spent years training to help the sick as a nurse - only to find that to keep your job, and your license you must take part in the killing of a defenseless five-month-old unborn child? 

What if a church in your town lived up to its teaching on healing the sick by providing its employees with excellent health coverage - but was told that is illegal, unless it pays for abortions that violate its teaching on life itself?

These are not projections of a nightmare future. Rather, each of these things happened recently in our country - and will keep happening, unless we stand up as citizens and demand a change in the law. Please go to the Human Life Action Center by clicking on the link above and contact Congress now to urge them to protect the rights of pro-life health care providers.

A solution is available and we should be part of it.  The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA) will close loopholes in existing law and provide a private right of action, so that healthcare providers, whose freedom of conscience is denied, can defend their rights in court. It is now part of the House of Representatives' appropriations bill for funding HHS. By early December, Congress needs to pass a law funding government programs in Fiscal Year 2016 - and this urgently needed reform should be part of that final bill.

We must speak up now to protect our cherished right of conscience. Thank you for acting in defense of life and liberty. Tell everyone you know to join us in raising our voices. Together we will be heard!   

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director Northeast Ohio Right to Life


Ohio House Blocks Some Tax Funds to Abortionists

Adopts Partial Defunding Bill

Tuesday, the Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute House Bill 294 to block abortion providers in Ohio from qualifying for five funding programs administered by the Ohio Department of Health. The chamber adopted the measure 62-30 after lengthy debate. The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Representatives Margaret Conditt (Butler County) and Bill Patmon (Cleveland), now moves to the Ohio Senate, which adopted their own version of the same language (SB 214) in October. 

Pro-life leaders from around the state of Ohio attended the Ohio House session during debate, including leaders from Ohio Prolife Action, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, Cleveland Right to Life, and Citizens for Community Values. While generally supportive of the House action, these leaders noted three missing pieces of concern.

"The legislation still doesn't completely block Ohio tax dollars, whether state or federal in the form of Medicaid reimbursements, from increasing the coffers of organizations profiting from the killing of defenseless unborn children," stated Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life. "Today they still did not address rescinding Medicaid contracts from these entities now under state and federal investigation."

Abortion providers qualify for Medicaid reimbursements under certain conditions, as defined by state and federal code. The House bill only prohibits funding of certain programs granted to abortionists who perform "non-therapeutic" abortions, which means that babies conceived in rape or incest remain at risk for misnamed "therapeutic" abortions currently covered under Medicaid in Ohio.

"It is always a plus when public policy moves in the direction of protecting innocent preborn children and their mothers," noted Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati. "However, it is troubling that abortionists may be able to manipulate the law and perform targeted abortions to still qualify for both Medicaid reimbursements and funding sources identified in this bill."

Of note, whether the House or Senate version of the bill becomes the final version sent to Governor John Kasich for his signature, neither version contains an emergency clause to ensure that the bill goes into effect immediately. Without this clause, the legislation will not take effect until 90 days from  date of signature.

Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values (CCV), issued the following statement "CCV, which is an Ohio Family Policy Council for Focus on the Family and the Family Resource Council, believes that all funding sources flowing to abortion providers from the state of Ohio, should be immediately halted and these organizations prohibited by law from qualifying for these funds. Nearly 70 abortions occur daily in Ohio, and each day that a decision is delayed on enacting this solution is a travesty."

"From this defunding bill's launching point we plan to continue to work with legislative leadership to craft a complete solution, and ensure that citizens' tax dollars are not used to undermine the stated policy of Ohio, which is to prefer childbirth over abortion," commented Barry Sheets, legislative consultant for Ohio ProLife Action. "It is common sense to re-direct these tax dollars to the many entities that provide quality health care without subsidizing the practice of abortion."

Contact: Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant, 614/989-5293


"Its a Matter of Life"........ by Denver Sallee

It is a heart-wrenching fact that each day our lives are filled with images and words describing new acts of terrorism.  Though we might not think of  our work in our pro-life arena as combating  terrorism, think about this. Pro-death  terrorists have targeted  the black community for decades and their genocidal mission continues virtually unabated.  Murdering black children by the millions is terrorism and the deadliest and ugliest example of racism this nation has ever seen.  While Planned Parenthood  is an "equal opportunity" killer, they specifically target  the black community  for extinction under the guise of health care.


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You are invited to attend our Justice March for Preborn Children
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Our featured guest speaker is Darlene Pawlik from Savethe1.

 The march will begin at 2pm at the northeast corner of the Great Lakes Mall, Mentor, Ohio. It will then proceed to St. Mary’s School gym (The Weaver Center), 8450 Mentor Ave., with an indoor program beginning at 3 pm. Light refreshments will be available. Pro-life signs will be available for you to carry if you wish. FMI: 440-255-5257 or lcrtl@ncweb.com.