Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate ourselves and the public about the issues surrounding the protection of innocent human life from conception to natural death and to restore respect and protection for the lives of the unborn, newborn, handicapped, terminally ill and elderly who are potential victims of abortion, infanticide or euthanasia.

Because we are pro-life, it follows that we are pro-woman. Coming to us, pregnant women can expect to find assistance and referral to agencies which can help them with their material and medical needs. Furthermore, we direct women and sometimes men who are experiencing problems following an abortion to a post-abortion care agency and sometimes legal counsel as appropriate.

Because we are pro-life, we recognize that children have a right to be nurtured by their mother and their father. Thus, we defend marriage as God designed it: a union between one man and one woman in a committed relationship open to the procreation and education of children.

Additionally, we are pro-health. We supply information about related health concerns such as the medical and abortifacient risks of using synthetic hormone methods of birth control. We promote sexual chastity/abstinence as a means to stay physically and emotionally healthy, and encourage healthy relationships which bring out the best in us. All human life is a precious gift from God and we deeply care about yours!

The production of a vaccine or any medical therapy derived from the remains of a human being intentionally killed is wholly unethical and should be made unlawful. Lake County Right to Life affirms the inalienable right to life of preborn human beings, and thus, their right not to be trafficked, commodified, and/or experimented upon. Lake County Right to Life also affirms the rights of all people to refuse medical treatment and to reject violations of their and their family members' bodily integrity, moral conscience, and Constitutional protections through forced or coerced vaccines. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED Lake County Right to Life affirms that, while the family, the Church, and the State have distinct spheres of authority, the State is subordinate to the family and the Church in matters of vaccination. Therefore, we acknowledge that Christians of all stations have a duty to reject unethical vaccines, to inform others of the connection between abortion, human trafficking, and biomedical science, and to publicly demand that ethical alternatives be produced, tested, and brought to market by pharmaceutical companies and public health officials.

 Lake County Right to Life 



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